Thank you for purchasing My Shanti Mala.

You will find information about the MALA and how to use it here. I will also give you some guidance of semi-precious stones and lithotherapy.

You have also access to the meditation class, so you can start using your MALA and find SHANTI “peace” within.

The power of sound

Sound is vibration and through sound our own vibration can be influenced.

Our mind and thoughts can sometimes be very loud and noisy, disorganized and disturbing. This is not a sound that we perceive externally through the ears, but it is a sound that we accumulate and develop from within and which changes our own vibration.

By thinking and repeating to ourselves the phrases “Life is beautiful” or “Everything sucks”, we can easily witness that we feel differently.

It is the subtle but powerful vibration of these thoughts and words that make us feel better or worse.

How can we use the sound and vibration of words to improve our life, vibration and mental health?

Repeating a mantra or an affirmation changes your whole energy.

The more regularly you practice, the more you will feel the effects. Generally it is advised to make a commitment to practice for a certain period of time; so it can really sink in.

For example, choose to repeat your mantra/affirmation at a certain time of the day and for a certain number of times. Stick to this practice for a pre-defined period of time.  Possibly, 1 week, 1 months, 40 days etc. Eventually it will be a natural practice for you and integrated in your daily life.

Using a mantra

Mantra is a Sanskrit word with many shades of meaning: tool of the mind, divine speech, language of the human spiritual physiology…

Mantras are ancient Vedic prayers that usually involve a deity, representing aspects of the divine. Their sound vibration is very powerful and effective at changing one’s own energy level.

Mantras can be used as a tool for healing problems that we all face in life. Mantra can help you feel more peaceful and energized. It can help you cope with illness and sometimes help affect physical healing. It can help you in unpleasant circumstances, give you patience and perspective.

Usually a mantra is given by a teacher (guru) to the student (disciple). If you don’t have a teacher, you can still use mantra by simply choosing the one you are naturally most drawn to.

Here are some examples:

OM – Bija mantra for the Ajna chkra situated between the eyebrows. It contains the principle of unity and a quality of cosmic intelligence. worry is extinguished and the mind becomes serene.

SO HAM -This mantra is concerned with energy, breath and the placement of consciousness. It is one of the simplest and yet most powerful mantras for permanently altering your state of consiousness. It balances the masculine and feminine anergy and focuses their combined force. Inhale SO – Exhale HAM.

OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA – Ganesha mantra to overcome all obstacles

Using an affirmation

If you don’t feel comfortable using a mantra, you can use an affirmation instead. This is more of a mental health practice than a spiritual practice.

Choose a positive sentence that you would like to become true in your life.

For example: I accept and love myself the way I am / I am happy / I am full of energy/ I can do it/ I am healing, my body and mind are my friends / I create the life I love to live / I forgive …

You can create your own affirmation depending on the life situation(s) you are facing right now.

By repeating this positive sentence you will witness how your own energy changes and your affirmation will realize itself.

What is a mala and how can it be useful?

A mala is a string of beads or prayer chain that has been used by sages and spiritual seekers for thousands of years. Yogis and Buddhists were the first to use the mala to enhance their spiritual practices. This practice comes from a Vedic tradition.

Throughout the Far East, malas consist of 108 beads and a guru bead or meru. In later developed traditions like Christianity you will find similar practices with rosaries having 54 beads and a pendant.

The number 108 is used because Vedic teachings state that there are 108 principal astral channels leading from the heart in the subtle body out to the rest of the subtle body. These channels can be likened to astral nerve tubes or blood veins. Saying a mantra 108 times sends energy into each of these channels

How to practice with your mala?

Sit in a comfortable position that you can hold easily for a longer period of time, let the beads of the mala slide through your fingers. With every bead repeat your Mantra or affirmation.

“The Guru bead / meru at the end of the mala contains all the accumulated power of the mantra performed. When using your mala, one should not cross over the end, as it stores the power. The Sanskrit word meru means mountain. Spiritually the meru becomes a “mountain” of stored spiritual energy.

During your repetition of mantra the mala is finished when the meru is reached. Then you turn the mala around and count back again”, repeating your mantra/affirmation with every bead. Go back and forth in this manner for how many times you decided to repeat your mantra/affirmation.

Taking care of your MALA

When you don’t use the mala for your Mantra / affirmation repetition (this is called japa meditation), store it in a safe place.

You can either keep it in the bag it came with or wear it around your neck or arm. In this way you benefit from the energy of the stones and the accumulated vibration through your practice. Wearing the mala on your body, also has the advantage that you always have it ready to use whenever you need.

Please make sure your mala does not touch the ground.  It is believed that this will lower the accumulated energy.

If you want to energetically cleanse your mala you can place it in a ziploc bag in the freezer or rinse it under running fresh water, preferably a stream or mountain spring. Exposing it to the full moon light can also be very cleansing.

What are the different materials on the mala?

*Every mala of My Shanti Mala has a 925 silver pendant with a spiritual sign (OM, flower of life, etc.) that carries a high vibration.

*The beads are held together by a silk string that is knotted between each bead, and the tassel is the same material.

*semi-precious stones and beads

My Shanti Malas are made from a variety of semi-precious stones and beads.  Each kind of stone and bead have different benefits to offer.  Continue reading to find out more.


It is a small berry from the blue cherry tree, an Indian tree, which hardens and can be pierced and threaded. It is said to increase the power of the mantras of Shiva (male) and Durga and Kali (female). It can also be used for Gayatri mantra. Rudra is a name of Shiva and Rudraksha means Shiva’s tears (which fell on the earth).
They have always been used by the greatest Yogi masters of India, Nepal, China and all of Asia. These great sages use the Rudraksha and its virtues to balance the mind, the emotions and create an environment conducive to meditation and pacifism. Overall, Rudraksha seeds are known to aid in meditation, stress relief, healing the body, and bringing about positive, lasting change.

Rose Quartz

Brings love and self-confidence, reduces ulcers and hypertension, soothes stress, facilitates breathing, promotes sleep, helps reduce headaches, regenerates the skin.
Stimulates the heart chakra which generates love and joy. Rose Quartz, stone of love and affection, acts directly on this chakra. This will help heal from a separation, maintain self-esteem and find an emotional and affective and creative balance.

Rock crystal

Reduces stress and anxiety, helps fight addictions, strengthens concentration, strengthens the immune system, increases self-confidence, relieves headaches, reduces muscle aches.
The Rock Crystal is both receiver, transmitter, transformer and amplifier of energy. It is a stone that promotes meditation, rest of the mind and mental calm. All these energies promote concentration, self-confidence and intuition, and it helps to undo energetic and emotional blockages.


Brings love and self-confidence, reduces ulcers and hypertension, soothes stress, facilitates breathing, promotes sleep, helps reduce headaches, regenerates the skin.

Aventurine absorbs negative waves, those emanating from people, but also waves from objects. It is known to soothe the mind and provides easier access to mental calm, it brings inner peace. It also supports decision-making, helping to shed light on what works for you or what doesn’t.
Aventurine being associated with the heart chakra, and also connected to the frontal chakra


Brings love and self-confidence, reduces ulcers and hypertension, soothes stress, facilitates breathing, promotes sleep, helps reduce headaches, regenerates the skin.

Sodalite stone is recognized for its soothing and calming properties. It allows people who lack self-confidence to feel better about themselves. It brings confidence and self-confidence. It helps to anchor oneself in the present moment and not to be parasitized by the external elements. It allows a better relaxation and reduces aggressiveness.
It is a stabilizing stone, which allows you to remain balanced and measured, both in your daily life and in important decision-making. It directs thoughts towards the positive and towards the right solutions. Hypersensitive people particularly appreciate sodalite which helps them to sort out their emotions.
Sodalite is associated with the throat chakra and therefore allows better communication with others, but also with oneself.


If you have any questions about your Mala or Mantra/ affirmation practice please contact me: