Leave everyday life behind, rest and let your thoughts wander…

The holistic naturopathy and yoga packages, complemented by wellness and sound therapy, invite you to relax, breathe deeply and connect with yourself. GAYANI Yoga, Massage and Naturopathy is located in Léon – a village in the middle of the  pine forest and only a few kilometers from the beach. This idyllic and peaceful setting is an ideal place to let go of all tension, to get back in touch with Nature and with oneself.

The massage treatments available can improve your physical, mental, emotional and energetic state and contribute to a general feeling of well-being.
To strengthen vitality and harmony in the long term, I also offer yoga classes and workshops.
The yoga classes are specifically adapted to the experience of each student, so all from beginners to advanced yogi (ni) s are very welcome.
Every month, you can also enjoy the benefits of sound relaxation and sound meditation. The special combination of relaxation and sound allows you to rejuvenate more sustainably, strengthen your body awareness, and let go of old, unnecessary thought patterns, in order to help you grow and evolve with ease on your Life journey.

All wellness and yoga offerings seek to support and strengthen each guest based on their current and unique physical, emotional and energetic needs.

Chargement en cours…