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Your feet carry you through life everyday but most people pay little attention to them. The feet are your foundation and provide a vital contribution to your well-being. Every organ system in the body can be activated via the foot reflex zones and meridians.
In this course you will learn how to keep your feet flexible, pain-free and active. This will help you alleviate and prevent foot issues as well as back, hip and knee problems.

The exercise videos teach you how to stretch, strengthen, energize, activate and move your feet in all directions. Also included are balance exercises, joint exercises, tips for correct standing position, massage instructions & exercise sequences.

Even if you have little time, you can easily integrate these short exercises into your everyday life. Relax your feet and feel good in your body!

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12.99 Euros instead of 19.99 Euros

Enjoy the practice!


To participate in the online yoga classes, please download the app/software “Zoom” to your PC, tablet or cellphone.

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