Ayurveda Abhyanga

This traditionel indian technique is a full body massage that adapts to each body type. It relaxes and strengthens the immune system. It has a rejuvenating and detoxifying effect. The applcation of warm oil strengthens the muscles and has a calming effect on the mind.

Ayurveda Marma Abhyanga

This traditional full body massage technique stimulates the 108 marma points, and therefore the corresponding internal organs.  Stress is released and health restored. It is advised for tiredness, and lack of energy. It strengthens the immune system and nervous system and the energy flows better afterwards.

Deep Tissue/ Osteotherapy

Classic massage techniques are adapted to your individual problem zones after surfing or biking, Or from every day activities. This massage also reaches deep set muscles and will release and loosen any persistent tensions and muscle soreness.

To release tension trigger points and Knap points will be activated and treated in the frame of Osteotherapy

Cranial reflexology

A deeply relaxing massage to stimulate the scalp and facial muscles, with a rejuvenating effect. Reflex points on the face, scalp and ears will be stimulated. Phonophorese is part of the treatment


After a short verbal consultation, the therapist treats your feet with acupressure. By treating the reflex zones in the feet, the whole body is stimulated and your self-healing forces are activated.
The acupressure massage of the corresponding zones on the foot may improve disturbed organ and tissue functions, and lead to an overall feeling of physical and mental well-being.

AyurYoga ThaiMassage
(passive yoga)

The liberated body sensations after an AYTM have been compared to the feeling after an intensive yoga class. A pronounced individual approach is developed for each client, adapting to his/her current situation, wishes and well-being. Based on Ayurvedic logic, the appropriate exercises for the person are selected for the session. The wide range of motion and sequences, mobilization, passive stretching, energetic lines stimulation, and the Vateya and Vishvase exercises for therapeutic flying make every Passive Yoga session a wonderful new experience.

Sound healing massage with chanting bowls

During a sound massage, your body-mind picks up the gentle and harmonious sounds, quickly leading you to deep relaxation. The rhythmic sound vibrations are transmitted to the body and create a fine vibration, often described as a kind of “massage”.
During a sound massage, an atmosphere of safety and security is created, in which it is possible for you to let go – let go of stress, fears, worries, doubts and other feelings that have a negative effect on your health. In this soothing atmosphere, you can connect with your needs and your “inner wisdom”. You may experience a feeling of comfort and the often circular thoughts come to rest, allowing your soul room to unfold. These are central aspects of Health in a holistic sense. They are the basis for creating a joyous, self-determined and creative Life.
The following effects can be summarized as follows:
• Holistic method – appeals to body, soul and spirit
• Provides a wide range of sounds through the diverse overtone-rich, harmonic and natural sounds of the singing bowls
• Facilitates deep relaxation
• Strengthens the original trust
• Strengthens health through harmonization, regeneration, vitalization
• Supports and improves body awareness
• Connects with inner wisdom and own resources
• Strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation

Phonophorese – Sound acupuncture

Phonophorese is a deeply relaxing treatment. the vibration of the tuning forks stimunalates the water in the body and cells. The tuning forks will be applied on acupunture points, along the meridians of the traditional chinese medicine. This will also have an effect on your energy centers and reflex zones.


The AromaTouch® technique is much more than just a fragrant oil application – it can bring about lasting relaxation and support for the body, mind and soul.

The AromaTouch® technique is so effective because the oils can work to the highest degree on both the physical and emotional levels. They can help the whole organism to cleanse and regenerate the cells. The autonomic nervous system is stimulated to regain its balance (homeostasis).

The essential oils are applied on hands, feet and back. Please abstain from sunbathing for 12 hours after the treatment.

Tao Hands

“Tao Hands” carry a high frequency and vibration.  They help harmonize the soul, heart, mind and body (Shen Qi Jing) on all levels. This transformation can impact many aspects of life, including health, relationships, finances, spaces, business pursuits, etc. The vibration of the “Tao Hands” carries love, forgiveness, compassion and light and thus increases well-being in all areas of life.  They can directly work to release blockages.  The treatment takes place in a seated position and without any direct physical contact.You an add the treatment to any scheduled booking on site.

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