Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach his goals, if he is able to think,

if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast.

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha (1877 – 1962)


Fasting is a natural way to give the body and mind time for self-healing. This is not a new method, but has been practiced throughout human history.
Fasting once or twice a year gives the gastrointestinal tract a well-deserved break to regenerate. It allows the body to rest, to develop new strength and get rid of excess acids and toxins accumulated in the tissues.

Cleaner skin, more physical flexibility, better digestion and weight loss are some of the pleasant side effects occurring during this detoxification process.



During the fast we are not only cleansing the physical body, but also the mind – through adapted yoga practices, sound therapy, and meditation. There is the possibility for longer walks, shorter bike rides and special detox massages to stimulate the detoxification process.After five days of fasting, we come to the most important step – starting to eat again – because “Any fool can fast, but it takes a wise man to break a fast properly.” (George Bernard Shaw)
There are several ways to detoxify, we offer you a very well-tolerated, detox method according to Dr. med. Buchinger, which is based on fruit and vegetable juices and bouillon to provide the body with all the necessary vitamins and minerals during the detoxification.

This detoxification method and fasting method is practicable by anyone in good health (excluding pregnant women and nursing mothers) who do not need regular medication.
For course registration we require a medical certificate that confirms that you can safely carry out a fast.

DATE : 22 September -29 September 2018
PRICE : 250 Euro

• 6x Yoga sessions
• 6x Yin Yoga or relaxation sessions
• 6x meditation and pranayama sessions
• 1x sound massage (30 min) 
• Swimming pool access
• Guided walks
• Detox drinks
• Re-adaptation meals after breaking the fast

Not included :
• Accommodation (click here)
• Bicycle Rental (click here)
• Detox massages on request (~70 Euros)



Ayurveda means “the Science of Life”. This ancient and respected Indian medical system adapts treatment methods and lifestyle recommendations to the individual’s constitution. Everyone is unique in their physical characteristics and mental attributes, which is why diet, recovery periods, and yoga practice etc. will also be different. You will discover and learn about the five elements within yourself (ether, air, fire, water, earth), understanding also their proportions in relation to your own constitution.

By applying this knowledge in everyday life, you will be able to live in greater balance according to your constitution. Above all, this concerns nutrition and the practice of yoga. You will learn to observe nature within and outside of yourself to better understand the Principle of Cause-and-Effect. Once you know how to get rid of the source of an imbalance, the symptoms will disappear as well. There is the possibility to book an appointment for an Ayurveda massage

DATE : 7. September – 9. September 2018
The course begins Friday at 6pm with a Yoga session
and ends Sunday after the yoga session.

PRICE : 120 Euro


• 2 x  meditation sessions
• 2 x yoga sessions 
• 1 workshop: “Ayurveda, understanding the basics” (Saturday)
• 1 workshop “Ayurvedic constitution” (Sunday)
• 2 x Yin Yoga or sound relaxation + Kirtan

not included :
• Meals (click here)
• Accommodation (click here)
• Ayurveda massage


Experience the Atlantic from every angle! Practice yoga on the beach and enjoy the view of the coast while surfing!
We are excited to be collaborating with the local surf school at Saint Girons Plage. In good weather, the morning yoga session will be held outdoors, otherwise in the beautiful yoga room. Afterwards you can jump in the ocean to surf. Finish each day with a relaxing Sound Yoga or Yin Yoga session.
Wonderful, personalised massages can be booked to treat any sore muscles or fatigue after surfing.

Participation in morning and evening yoga classes and the rest of the day is planned according to your wishes and needs. Additionally, you have the option of booking massages with Jana, and we are more than happy to provide advice, tips and suggestions for nearby activities you can enjoy during your stay.

Zen week-end
1 yoga class on Saturday morning
+ 1 back massage (25 min)
(Saturday or Sunday afternoon – subject to availability)
= 35 €


Zen and relax (from 2 to 13 July)
5 morning Yoga sessions (60 min)
from Monday to Friday
+ 1 back massage (25 min)
+ 1 head/face massage (25min)
= 89€ (instead of  98€)


Zen and relax during the week
1 week of yoga (5x morning and evening, Monday-Friday)
+ 1 full-body massage 60 min
= 139 €


Relax during the week
1 back massage (25 min.)
+ 1 facial / head massage (25 min)
= 49 € (instead of 58 €)


Chill out during the week
1 sound massage (50 min.)
+ 1 facial or back massage (25 min)
= 79 € (instead of 88 €)


Deep relaxation during the week
1 full body massage 60 min
+ 1 sound massage
+ 1 foot reflexology
= 149 € (instead of 177 €)



You have the possibility to book your accommodation at the „Camping les Tourterelles”. This campsite is located next to the sea, just behind the dune, surrounded by pine forest. The perfect place to relax and get back in touch with nature and with yourself!

You can book either a rental accommodation or a pitch. Please indicate your accommodation requirements when registering.


The rentals (Mobile home, Pagotel or Massai) are all equipped with private bathroom, toilet, kitchen, dining area, 2-3 bedrooms and terrace, and are reasonably priced during our retreats in May, June and September. If you wish, you could share the rental accommodation with one or more friends and share the costs as well!
If you are traveling alone, you have the option to live alone or with another solo traveler, if available.


You also have the opportunity to travel with your own tent / camping car/ caravan and book a pitch with / without electricity. You will use the public sanitary facilities and need to bring your own kitchen equipment.

After reception of the confirmation letter for the yoga retreat, please book your accommodation directly at the campsite with the reference “Stage Gayani-Yoga”.

Meals are not included during your stay.

You have the possibility of catering for yourself, as rental accommodations are equipped with kitchen and essentials such as dishes. Please bring your own food – local supermarkets can be easily reached by car.

Furthermore, you can dine at any one of the restaurants at the beach.